What I'm doing now

Last Updated May 26th, 2022, from Netherlands.

Settling down

I’ve been nomading around for years, but decided to give up on life of perpetual travel.

This gives me opportunity to build up useful habits and work on myself. While my family don’t have to plan around my travels anymore.

We call Netherlands our home and looking for a house to buy!

Everyone is welcome for a visit.


I’m happily married to wonderful woman and in love with my son.

They brought me to realization, how badly influenced I was by my parents relationships. Instead of running away from these things, I’m facing them heads on - healing, repairing and rebuilding.


After some success in self-employment area, my appetite grew, and I tried to swallow more than I could chew. Predictably, this lead to my burnout (second one, but self-imposed one).

I’m taking it easy now - work for NewStore at a technical leadership position 4 days a week.

Spare time

I quit partying, stopped consuming alcohol and don’t do any funny things. Pretty boring life, as it might seem.

I keep builders mindset by maintaining Briefcake project.

My crypto enthusiasm got reignited with appearance of DeFi. So as another side-project, I spend time exploring DeFi protocols and build decentralized infra for web3 in a garage.


What to do with money that I managed to accumulate? Can’t let them just sit in bank account! Gotta get familiar with ETF, stocks and luxury goods (mainly watches)